Testing Lab Ensures Conveyor Controls Quality  

Jim Heinrich 
Heinrich Brothers, Inc. 

"A big selling point for us, number one, is quality." 

Every conveyor controls developed by or on behalf of Insight Automation is run and tested in our in-house Testing and Training Lab. Our Testing and Training Lab contains full-size conveyors that simulate standard accumulation, flexible zone recognition, tracking, inclines, declines, and complex devices via ConveyLinx programming such as turntables, right angle transfers, mergers, and other sorting devices. 

In our Testing and Training Lab, each conveyor controls model is tested for its ability to perform: Testing Lab Ensures Conveyor Controls Quality 

* Zero pressure accumulation 
* Instant set up "out of the box" (plug and play)
* Control speed, acceleration, and deceleration 
* Dynamic braking
* Flexible zone recognition
* Internal tracking
* Interaction with PLC software 
* Interaction with PulseRoller's free diagnostic software
* ConveyLinx customized programming 
* And much, much more


You Deserve the Best 

The Testing and Training Lab is just one way Insight Automation makes sure you get the best conveyor controls and drives you deserve.